What a blessing to have Cutter.  He recently joined our family from Shingle Oak Terriers.  We weren't really looking for another stud, but when we saw him on Diane's website, we knew we had to have him!  Our many thanks again to Diane and Shingle Oak.  He's a wonderful little guy full of mischief and fun!  His first day here, he was flying off the retaining wall in our backyard (see the flying dog on the photo gallery page) and having great fun with his new playmates.  We are so excited to see how he does in show and competition...look for more updates on his development and accomplishments.
Shingle Oak Jericho of Shasta Jacks
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We're so thankful to Diane Wright of Shingle Oak Terriers in Ohio for allowing Jericho to become a part of our family and breeding program.  He's a happy guy and the most loving, affectionate terrier; he's passing that sweetness on to his beautiful puppies. 
2003 Conformation Champion
Delmarva Jack Russell Terrier Trial
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Shingle Oak Cutter of Shasta Jacks
Shingle Oak Tyra X Loblolly Solo
Such a rough life...Cutter enjoys the heat coming up from the register.
So darn cute...
But, so much mischief...
Shingle Oak Willow X Hart Farms Joshua
Cutter and his winnings at the Gold Rush V & VI
Judge Nancy Breakstone, Gold Rush VI